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Know Your Rights
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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

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Minneapolis Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of: race, color, culture, creed, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation/affectional preference, disability, age, pregnancy, marital status, family structure, economic status, veteran status, status with regard to public assistance or genetic information in its employment, programs, and activities. Any questions or reports can be directed to your school principal or department supervisor. In addition, the contacts below have been designated to handle complaints and questions regarding policies of non-discrimination.

Complaints related to Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, 504/ADA & ADEA:

Lee Atakpu
Office of General Counsel

Students with disabilities:

Jenny Crouch, LISW
District 504 Coordinator

Employees with disabilities:

Shaya Smith

Discrimination is against the law; harassment and violence will not be tolerated.

  1. Everyone in Minneapolis Public Schools has a right to feel respected and safe.  The District wants you to know about its policy to prevent harassment and violence.
  2. A harasser may be a student or an adult. Harassment related to religion, race, color, creed, national origin, gender or gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, family care leave status, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, disability, age or veteran status is not tolerated and may include:
    • Name calling, jokes or rumors
    • Pulling on clothes
    • Graffiti
    • Notes or cartoons
    • Unwelcome touching of a person or clothing
    • Offensive or graphic posters, book covers, etc.
    • Words or actions that embarrass you, make you feel uncomfortable, or make you feel fearful.
  3. If any words or actions make you feel uncomfortable or fearful, you can tell a teacher, counselor, your principal, assistant principal, school social worker, your supervisor, MPS’ Office of Equality & Civil Rights or you may make a written report to any one of them.
  4. MPS takes all reports of harassment and/or violence seriously and will investigate and take appropriate actions.
  5. Your privacy will be respected to the maximum extent possible.
  6. MPS will take appropriate action if anyone tried to intimidate you or tried to harm you because you made a report.

This is a summary of MPS’ Board Policies 4000, 4001, 4002, 5000, 5050, and 5750 against discrimination, harassment and violence. A complete policy is available in the principal’s office, from your Department Supervisor, from MPS’ Equal Opportunity Officer, or at mps.municipalcodeonline.com. See also, Minn. Stat. §121A.003; Chapter 363A; Title IX Education Amendments of 1972.

Minneapolis Public Schools strives to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment for students that is free from bullying and hazing.  MPS works to prevent bullying and hazing, but if you or a student you know has been bullied or hazed, MPS will investigate, respond to, remediate, and impose discipline as appropriate.

Bullying is conduct that interferes with a student’s educational opportunities or performance and is:

  1. Harmful,
  2. Repeated/forms a pattern, and
  3. Real or perceived power imbalance.

Bullying can be verbal and/or physical, through words, gestures or physical presence.  It can also be carried out through other students or people, gossip, stirring the pot, vandalism, and electronically.  Electronic Aggression and Cyber-Bullying is bullying using technology or other electronic communication forms (cell phones, social networks, photos, video or other media.)

Hazing is committing an act or coercing an act against an individual, with or without consent, which is harmful, humiliating, or intimidating in order to gain membership in a group.

This is a summary of MPS’ Board Policy 5201 against bullying and hazing. A complete policy is available in the principal’s office, from MPS’ Office of Equality & Civil Rights or at mps.municipalcodeonline.com.   

Any questions or reports can be directed to your school principal. In addition, the following people have been designated to handle complaints and answer questions:

Julie Young-Burns
Social Emotional Learning Lead
Accountability, Research and Equity

Francisco J. González
Office of Equality & Civil Rights

It is the responsibility of Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) to assure a safe and welcoming learning and working climate for all students and staff. We believe that all students, families, staff and community members share rights and responsibilities to ensure that all members of our school communities are safe, able to learn, have opportunities to contribute and are treated with respect, dignity and kindness. The full Behavior Standards Policy can be found in the MPS Board Policy 5200: mps.municipalcodeonline.com. MPS is committed to making certain Policy 5200 is applied in a fair and consistent manner.

Discipline or behavior questions or complaints can be directed to the MPS Equity and School Climate Department by emailing schoolclimate@mpls.k12.mn.us.